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      Families come together to honor their loved ones

      The Hope Starts Here Challenge brings hundreds together supporting The Upper Michigan Brain Tumor Center.

      However, for many it's about honoring a loved one they have lost to brain cancer.

      It started by wearing a flower as a way to show their connection during a run. Now it's turned into a women's movement known as the Fellow Flowers.

      "Symbol of unity and connection. We wanted other women to not just be able to show that they were together, but to connect in that larger conversation about what was, behind their miles. What was motivating them to put one foot in front of the other," said Mel Charbonneau, Fellow Flowers.

      Their support has even expanded to raising awareness for brain cancer at the Hope Starts Here Challenge. They supported several families each with their own story honoring a loved one who passed away to brain cancer or survived it.

      "They just gave me strength and they are a great group of women that you know were supportive and just always messaging. Just, they surround you with that, you know that I don't know, love," said Tanya Etelamki.

      You couldn't help, but notice the Brody Strong Team. Tanya Etelamaki, lost her four year old son Brody in April. With everyone's strength and love she's running in his honor.

      "His smile, his courageous smile he smiled through the whole thing. You know I'll run it for him. You know he endured so much more than me running a 5k," Etelamki said.

      Also there is the Mayo family. Makayla Mayo is running her first 5k after suffering a ruptured brain aneurysm last year.

      The Fellow Flowers were there celebrating her triumph cross to the finish.