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      Family expanding home needs your help

      Construction is underway to expand the Houghton family house. Lisa Miller says the house was too small for the family of eight.

      "There's an addition going on for this family; I'm trying to get them a better living environment," said Miller.

      The family outgrew their small three bedroom house after taking in four grandkids who lost their parents in a murder-suicide almost two years ago in Sawyer. The plan is to make it a two-story home with three more rooms, a bigger kitchen and living room.

      "They get their own bedrooms, they can paint. They have a better living environment, they can move on with their lives. I would like to see the community out here to tell the kids that there's a lot of good in this world," Miller said.

      It's costing an estimated $100,000 to do this, and the family, at this point, has raised $4,000.

      So far they have the foundation of the new house built and the walls are going up, but they need more volunteers. They have a crew of three people and the homeowners working on it. Project Manager Fred Baij says they need workers with specific skills.

      "Of course, skilled trades are really needed--carpenters, electricians, plumbers. So anybody with any skills would be really appreciated. We will accept any volunteers," said Baij.

      Volunteers are welcomed during the week and weekends. If you are going to volunteer, bring working tools.

      To help out, click here