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      Family Graduates Together

      Michigan Technological University seniors celebrated their graduation On Saturday, May 3. Nearly 1,000 students received their diplomas today at the commencement ceremony. Degrees range from Bachelors to Doctorates. Graduates received a special message from retired Astronaut Leland Melvin.

      For two graduates today was the definition of a family affair. Elizabeth and August Skultety have a special honorary graduate of their own. Their daughter Charlotte. They are happy she is by their side because they say she has been a big part of their college careers.

      "For us college has been a family event so to have her here with us it feels like she's kind of graduating too," Elizabeth said. "She's had to put up with us with the homework and the projects and the meetings, we've all had to kind of work around each others schedules so I'm really happy to have her here in her gown."

      The Skultetys are now moving to Midland where they both have jobs with a chemical company.