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      Family hopes their ice racing track hasn't seen its last season

      The future of ice racing in Escanaba Township isn't looking good. That's because the Delta County Circuit Court judge recently granted an injunction, halting the ice racing.

      In January, Escanaba Township filed a civil lawsuit saying the track construction went against zoning requirements, and a site plan was never submitted. Now the Barron family, who've come under fire for their track, are speaking out.

      This past winter, ice racers enjoyed nine weekends of racing on the Barron property. But racing will be put on ice for now.

      Public Relations Manager, Josh Barron, says officials brought up concerns about noise from the racers and the traffic caused by spectators.

      To remedy the first issue, the Barrons erected a wooden fence to absorb the noise. Barron says traffic isn't an issue because the spectators stay within the property during the races.

      â??The more we look into this, it's almost like an attack on the Barrons," says Josh Barron.

      He explains that the Wells Lions Ice Racing runs the races. They distribute race proceeds to local charities. He adds that kids and adults benefit from the winter entertainment since there's not much else to enjoy in the wintertime.

      So will there be ice racing on the track this winter? According to Barron, it's very possible that they'll open the ice racing track to friends and family for recreational racing.

      The ultimate goal, of course, would be to continue the organized racing.

      â??I believe if the ice racing continues, it is something that can be very, very powerful. As a family, we're going to continue fighting for the kids in this community. Weâ??re going to continue fighting for the local organizations that this track helps out."

      The $100,000 project was about five years in the making. Barron says heâ??s hoping his familyâ??s community track hasn't seen its last season just yet.