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      Family-owned restaurant closes its doors

      Peter, Anna, & Steven Wahlstrom

      On Sunday, the family-owned restaurant, known as Wahlstrom's, closed its doors.

      The restaurant closed because the owners failed to pay property taxes and were not able to negotiate a new lease on the property.

      Among the people who said farewell to the 50-year-old establishment were members of the Wahlstrom family, including Anna Wahlstrom. She has been a part of the restaurant from the very beginning and many call her "the pie lady."

      Owner, Steven Wahlstrom, said he thought about moving the restaurant to a new location, but he added he does not know if it is worth it.

      The one thing he will take with him are all of the memories.

      "Memorable moments were my mom, my dad, and my brothers and I running the restaurant when we first started and operating as a family with a few people from the area that worked with us and were equal members of the family. We just all really did a great job and had fun," said Steven Wahlstrom.

      On Saturday, the restaurant's staff held a going away party.