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      Family raises money for twins' surgery

      Robert and Peter Nelson are just like any other seven-year old boys. They like to play outside, play video games and torture their younger sister. But at a second glance, there is something different about the twins.

      â??They were born with a rare genetic condition called Beckwith Wiedemann Syndromeâ?? said Brandon Nelson, the boyâ??s father. â??It is an overgrowth syndrome of certain parts of the body. Most commonly it impacts the tongue.â??

      Which is what happened with the twins. With that can come speech, orthodontic and social problems.

      â??About five years ago they had surgery downstate at the University of Michigan Childrenâ??s Hospitalâ?? said Nelson. â??The surgery did not go as well as it needed to.â??

      Now the boys need to have another procedure done. Because Robert and Peter will be having the surgery out of state, their insurance will not cover it.

      "We're going to a hospital in St. Louis to have the procedure done by the only doctor in the U.S. that specializes in pediatric Beckwith Wiedemann Syndrome tongue reduction surgeriesâ?? said Nelson. â??This could be really life changing for them and we are hoping we can raise the money to make this happen."

      Doctor Marsh retires in the fall, so they need to have the surgery as soon as possible. The Nelson family has created a webpage for donations to help cover the cost of the surgery. In just over a week, they have already received almost $7,000.

      "We are just trying to give them a shot at a normal life as much as possibleâ?? said Nelson. â??It is heart breaking when you see a problem and you can't fix it. You try your best to give them everything you can as a parent, I hope no other parent has to do but we're going to try and do it for our kids."

      To visit Robert and Peterâ??s donation page, go to