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      Family Video employees shave heads for lymphoma fundraiser

      A couple of employees at Family Video have a new haircut thanks to a fundraiser the company puts on to raise money for lymphoma research.

      Every year the company participates in the Round Up for Lymphoma event. They're asking customers to round up their purchase amounts to the next dollar, and the money raised goes to fund lymphoma research at the University of Chicago.

      Some of the staff agreed to shave their heads if the store reached its goal for the halfway mark, and they did. Last night they held up their end of the bargain.

      For Christopher Forsberg, the fundraiser has special meaning. His father passed away six years ago as a result of lymphoma cancer.

      "I see what it does to families and what it has done to my family and I thought, what an opportunity for me, it really hits home for me," said Forsberg. "I can raise money. If I can help save one family from losing their parent or husband, just by raising some money."

      The store is looking for one last push with the fundraiser this weekend, with the event ending on March 30.

      Last year, Family Video stores across the country raised $1.2 million for lymphoma research.