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      Family weekend at Bay Cliff

      Seven families from Michigan and Illinois are spending the weekend at Bay Cliff Health Camp. The families all have children with cerebral palsy or similar disabilities.

      Everyone at the camp this weekend was new to Bay Cliff. Parents got to meet with Dr. Mike Nidiffer. He is a pediatrician at Marquette General Hospital, and for over 30 summers, he has volunteered as the camp doctor.

      The 20 kids, those with CP and their siblings, got to spend time with one another, doing activities with volunteer staff members.

      Some of the volunteers came from Northern Michigan University, like Cassandra Hastings. Hastings has worked at the camp in the summer and is currently doing an internship with the family weekend through NMU's Student Leader Fellowship program.

      "Just giving the kids a chance to meet other children who are similar to them and also give them the resources to go out into their communities back at school and just have fun being normal kids," said Hastings.

      The kids put on a play for their parents, and everyone enjoyed a campfire and s'mores.