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      Famous bowler in Houghton

      Knocking down pins isn't the only thing the mine shaft is good at.

      This Saturday they will welcome the world's greatest bowler Mika Koivuniemi.

      "Being a Finnish person, it's a real thrill for us in the Copper Country to have Mika come, said amateur bowler Reba Stadius.

      People of all ages can enjoy numerous bowling events with Koivuniemi but most importantly he along with the Mine Shaft will introduce the Youth Scholarship Fund.

      The Youth Scholarship Fund's main goal is to give kids the opportunity to participate in a safe and fun sport.

      "I always like to do some type of charity for being here in Michigan. I'm living here in Michigan but I'm originally from Finland and this is a big area for Finnish people and I think it's a perfect fit for me," said professional bowler Mika Koivuniemi.

      All of the money raised for the program will stay local and be used for youth bowlers in the U.P.

      Bowling is a sport that lasts a lifetime and it is also a great way to meet new people and for professionals it takes a lot of practice, dedication and skill to become the best athletes.

      Ben Kreins has been bowling since he was 18 months old and he says the sport has great role models that kids can look up to.

      "Bowlers are good people and a lot of people have a negative image of bowlers but it's one of the safest and most beneficial sports you could ever have," said Kreins.

      During the event, people will get a chance to watch a trick-shot exhibition and a Pro-Am, where amateur bowlers will get a chance to bowl with Koivuniemi.

      The Mine Shaft says youth bowlers cannot win prize money in this competition but they can win scholarship money so this program will give youth bowlers a chance to get scholarship money along with other trophies and prizes.

      The event starts tomorrow morning at 11:30 and will run later into the evening.