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      Famous storyteller travels to Marquette

      Marquette children enjoyed a performance by a famous storyteller Monday at Peter White Public Library.

      Bobby Norfolk, a professional story performer and storyteller from St. Louis, Missouri, started professionally performing stories in 1987. He said his story performances combine all of his life experiences, including theater study, stand-up comedy, and ten years as a park ranger.

      Bobby says he performs stories in a way that is not just storytelling, but story theater.

      "I use a lot of sound effects, voice changes, vocal inflections, lots of movement. I'm a very physical storyteller, and so in essence what I do is bring books alive. I call it taking it from the page and putting in on the stage," said Norfolk.

      In addition to children's storytelling, Norfolk also performs historical pieces, such as the works of George Washington Carver. He has also won three Emmy Awards for performances on a children's television show.

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