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      Farmer Q's closing doors and moving on

      A local fixture in downtown Marquette is closing its doors soon.

      Farmer Q's Market announced Monday that after eight years, they will close their store front indefinitely, liquidating all of their remaining products.

      The market has also been a part of the Marquette Downtown Development Authority's Farmers Market during the summers.

      Due to the closure, Farmer Q's will no longer take part in the farmers market.

      The owners say the closing is bittersweet, and despite what critics may believe, their business has prospered, but more attractive opportunities have arisen.

      "When you start a business from ground zero or scratch and build into what it is after eight years, it's bittersweet to be closing a profitable business in this economy. However, you have to look at the future and what the future is," said owner, Tom Brian.

      Farmer Q's plans to close its doors once all inventory is cleared. The owners plan to move downstate to take an opportunity in the food industry.