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      Farmer struggles againsts bears and deer for his crops

      At the Johnson Dairy Farm in Daggett, wildlife is eating up some of the crops, causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages.

      The farm supplies milk to such large chains as Culver's and Dairy Queen through the farms 1,500 dairy cows.

      Corn and alfalfa are grown on 4,000 acres to feed the cows, but at any time throughout the day, deer and bears graze on the crops, causing great damage.

      "On the corn end of things, which is maybe a little easier to measure because we weigh every load that comes into the farm, being conservative I'd say a 15 percent loss," said owner Dennis Johnson. "And that's being very conservative, on 2,200 acres."

      The farm says that damage translates into in excess of $150,000 on the corn, and with the alfalfa damage it increases to a total loss of about $200,000 in damages. Johnson says the total loss will be measurable once harvesting season begins in October.