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      Farmer's tan contest offers prize money

      The recent scorching summer temperatures could lead to some serious tan lines, but for those of you with farmer's tans, you could win $1,000.

      All you have to do is purchase a Superior Camouflage shirt and upload your picture to their Facebook page. The shirts come in three different camouflage patterns with a price range of $18 to $25.

      Those patterns include Michigan, Wisconsin, and Sasquatch.

      "It's summertime and it's fun," said Superior Camouflage owner Mike Argeropoulous. "I just thought it was pretty darn ridiculous and that's going to get people talking if you do something as amazingly and silly as that, so I'm willing to do that."

      Photo submissions will be accepted until September 3.

      For more information about the contest, visit the Superior Camouflage Facebook page.

      You can purchase a shirt by clicking here or by visiting the stores listed below:

      Copper World in Calumet

      Omphale Gallery & Cafe in Calumet

      Shea Enterprises Inc in Copper Harbor Da Yoopers Tourist Trap in Ishpeming Panara Imports in Marquette