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      Fast approaching deadline for ice anglers

      Ice anglers have until the end of this month to take down their ice shanties.

      In Michigan the deadline to remove shanties is March 31, but on Wisconsin boundary waters, the deadline was March 15. Anglers are still allowed to bring their shanties out daily, but they must be removed during the overnight hours.

      "Even though in places there are still plenty of ice, we're talking the end of March and spring is coming fast, so safety is number one," said Lt. Pete Wright of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. "We don't want people going through the ice. Number two is, if you leave your shacks out too long, the ice deteriorates and they get left and then that creates a litter problem, and nobody wants people's broken up shacks washing up on their beach."

      The Michigan DNR has penalties in place for owners who allow their structures to fall through the ice. Owners could get up to 30 days in jail and fines of up to $500.

      If a government agency has to remove a shanty, the owner could pay up to three times the cost of cleanup.