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      FAT Tuesday!

      Some people may not know where Mardi Gras started. It dates back thousands of years to pagan celebrations in Europe of spring and fertility.

      These days, Mardi Gras, French for Fat Tuesday, is all about the tradition of excess eating of rich foods and debauchery during the Carnival season, the day before Lent begins and the 40 days of penance commences.

      New Orleans might have the biggest parties and the biggest parades throughout the Carnival season, but across America, cities all over celebrate Mardi Gras.

      A taste of traditional New Orleans cuisine might be hard to find in the U.P. But in actuality, The Lagniappe, a restaurant centered around Cajun and Creole cooking, is right in the center of Downtown Marquette.

      On Tuesday, the Mardi Gras celebration was in full swing at the eatery. Beads were shared, people ate a full Cajun-style buffet, and authentic Louisiana Blues music played.

      "Today's Fat Tuesday, it's the last day of Mardi Gras! Tomorrow's Ash Wednesday, so come on down today and have yourselves a good ol' time! It's the busiest Tuesday the U.P. will ever see, so let's all have a fun time today! Happy Mardi Gras, Ya'll!" said Don Durley, owner and Executive Chef of The Lagniappe.

      Lagniappe customer Cody Lee said, "It was a good opportunity to eat a lot of different types of what they have on the menu at one time."

      Don't forget to indulge before you must give something up!