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      Father Francis takes on new task

      The Diocese of Marquette welcomed Father Francis Dobrzenski of Lake Linden to a new position Sunday.

      Father Francis is now the Diocesan Administrator. He is taking over Archbishop Alexander Sample's responsibilities until Pope Francis chooses a new bishop. On Sunday, Father Francis performed his first official act as Diocesan Administrator by leading the confirmation ceremony at St. Peter Cathedral in Marquette. Father Francis will also be be maintaining his current position as pastor for St. Joseph Catholic Church in Lake Linden.

      "It's something totally new, different. Quite honestly, it's almost an additional full-time job, so now I have two full-time jobs. I'm confident that the God who arranged for this will provide me with the strength that I need to do it," said Dobrzenski.

      It is unknown exactly how long Father Francis will hold the interim position, but he says it may be a whole year.