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      Father's Day gift ideas

      With Fatherâ??s Day just around the corner, you may be having some difficulty deciding what to get your dear dad.

      Many U.P. dads love the great outdoors, but sometimes that makes gift giving a little difficult. Black Duck Hunting Preserve in Rapid River has a great solution for those who like to hunt. They offer guided, or non-guided, adult pheasant hunts.

      â??Theyâ??re tough to bring down, they fly hard, and if you do a 10 bird hunt youâ??re going to be tired,â?? said Black Duckâ??s Walter Noa. â??Itâ??s going to take you two, two and a half hours. And, itâ??s a lot of walking and running and itâ??s a lot of fun.â??

      For the Fisherman fathers, Bay De Noc Charters out of Rapid River may be a ticket to a great catch.

      â??Most fathers that I know of, they like to go fishing and a lot of times they donâ??t know where to go or what to do,â?? said Captain Ken Lee. â??This would be a great opportunity to learn and itâ??d make a great gift for fathers.â??

      They provide all the necessary equipment, show the dads the perfect fishing spots and useful techniques. At the end of the day, they even clean your catch.

      For the beer-loving dads, the Escanabaâ??s Hereford and Hops Mug Club may be the perfect solution. For $50 dads get their very own mug at the bar and 13 free beers.

      â??This mug will keep giving,â?? said Michael Sattem, head brewer at H&H. â??Every time you come in you do get an extra four ounces over if you just ordered a pint. So, you get the bonus all year and it gets dad out of the house once in a while.â??

      Finally, if youâ??re still having a hard time finding that perfect gift, remember simplicity is sometimes the best. Your dad may really just want to spend an afternoon with you.