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      Female trooper begins in Iron Mountain

      Though she's in the minority when it comes to state troopers, 23-year-old trooper Kelsey Sipple isn't letting that define her passion of law enforcement.

      She started her new job at the Iron Mountain post in April and is glad to have successfully completed her rigorous academy training.

      â??It was really challenging, coming right out of college,â?? explained Sipple. â??It was different; I hadn't really experienced something like that before, the demand there, mentally and physically both. Itâ??s very challenging.â??

      The job doesn't come without its difficulties, but Trooper Sipple says the post is very helpful.

      "Itâ??s been really good; again, very challenging,â?? she said. â??Itâ??s difficult learning a new job, but it's fun. I enjoy coming to work everyday, and everyone at the post has been very welcoming and really trying to help me. They want me to succeed.â??

      At the start of the 21-weeklong training program, there were 114 recruits. By the end, only 90 graduated, and Trooper Sipple was 1 out of 10 females to pass.

      â??I think the hardest part, mentally, was being able to get through it and rise up to every challenge you meet everyday,â?? Sipple said.

      Sheâ??s excited to be stationed at the Iron Mountain post since it's an area she's familiar with. â??Iâ??m happy to be back in Michigan, in the U.P., where I have family close in Menominee, so it's nice. I got lucky, I guess,â?? Sipple added.

      She says that while being a female trooper isn't the norm, it's all the more reason to become one.

      â??Iâ??m happy to be working for the state police and add a little spice to it,â?? Trooper Sipple said.