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      Festive entertainment for nursing center residents

      Residents at the Mather Nursing Center in Ishpeming Township got their holiday celebration started on Monday as the staff lined up some festive entertainment and Christmas presents for those on hand.

      Local DJ Pierre sang some holiday favorites alongside the residents. Songs like Jingle Bells Rock and Holly Jolly Christmas were some of the requests.

      Staff members say they take care of the residents like members of their own family.

      "Sometimes we have residents who don't get a lot of family or they're from out of state and it's hard to get up here so it's just our way to make their holiday season, have a good Christmas and enjoy the time that we can," said Kim Johnson, events coordinator.

      The presents came from members of the staff as well as community donations. On Christmas day, Mather Nursing Center residents will be picking some of their favorite holiday movies.