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      Fighting breast cancer

      Stephanie Bordeaux is awaiting her last reconstructive surgery. At the age of 37, she was diagnosed with breast cancer in the spring of 2012.

      "I took a shower one day and there were three big lumps. They were big enough that you could actually see them," explains Stephanie Bordeaux. "To this day I don't know; one day I had nothing, the next day I had three lumps."

      She was working at St. Vincent de Paul when she got a phone call confirming she had Type 2b. Stephanie had both breasts and lymph nodes in her right arm removed. She underwent a number of surgeries and four chemotherapy sessions.

      "I lost my hair about two weeks after my first chemo. I just lost it overnight. For me, it was very painful. I had horrible headaches," Bordeaux said.

      However, she says the journey was worth it, creating new friendships, getting closer to her family, and becoming a better person.

      "Being there for Steph, letting her know that we were there. I let her know every day that she was the most beautiful women in the world," said Jason Bordeaux.

      Currently, she's in the reconstructive stage; so far she's had implants put in to expand her skin.

      Her message to women: know your body and do self examinations monthly. There are other things to look for.

      "Discharge from the nipple. Particularly bloody discharge, but any discharge. It's something to, at least, bring up to your doctor. It may or not mean that there's something worrisome going on, and any dimpling of the breast," said Dr. Sheetal Acharya, Medical Oncologist.