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      Fighting frostbite

      Frostbite is a cold-related injury that can happen anywhere on the body. And the colder it is, the quicker it can set in.

      Some of the worst cases can result in hypothermia and amputations.

      Jeff Stasser, owner of Down Wind Sports, says prevention starts with proper outerwear including a down or synthetic-filled jacket. He also said exposed facial skin exposure is also at risk.

      "Try to cover it up and if you canâ??t cover it, use cream on your cheeks," explained Stasser.

      "Usually the extremities are the first thing that get cold on people, so wearing mittens and insulating footwear is definitely important," Stasser stated. "A mitten ties your fingers together so they keep each other warm."

      "If itâ??s a mild frostbite, itâ??ll be just red like sunburn," explained Dr. David Shahbazi, a family physician. "More severe frostbite can cause blistering, like a more severe burn."

      If you get frostbite, you can treat it by going inside and letting your body warm up or grab a container, fill it with water, and soak the body part thatâ??s been frostbitten.