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      Fill your bowl for a good cause

      Northstar Academy students are doing their part to help out local charities and raise awareness for hunger with their Empty Bowls event. The students invite people to donate $10 and get a hot meal and get a bowl made by the students. The money raised goes to Room at the Inn and Operation Aoy. The charities help the homeless and hungry here and abroad. Students organize the annual event and the money they raise is only part of the mission.

      "If you really want to help and you really care you can find an outlet for it, there's always people who need help but what's more important is there's always needs to be people who care," said Student Organizer Savannah Berthiaume. "So I want everybody where to realize that its nice that we can come in, get the bowl of food but that we're here for a bigger cause."

      Last year the students raised more than $1,100 for the charities. A number of local businesses donated items and volunteers to help out including Kohl's, the Rice Paddy and Hot Plate in Marquette.