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      Filling out the FAFSA

      Financial aid officers were at the College Goal Sunday event helping students and parents fill out their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The issue is that many times students do not find out that they have to apply for FAFSA until after the March 1 primary deadline has come and gone.

      Houghton High School senior Hannah Hill first heard of the FAFSA a couple of weeks ago by her guidance counselor.

      "I thinks it's stressful. I think alot of people might not sign up and then they go to college and they realize they have to, and then they maybe don't know what to do, kind of are frantic or something," said Hannah.

      Her father David is glad they are ahead of the game.

      "It's extremely important because we have to know what the possibilities are. My daughter has a couple of schools she'd like to go to and just knowing is qualified for can be part of the decision process," said the elder Hill.

      Filling out the FAFSA can insure that you receive any grants and scholarship money that you qualify for, especially when the cost of yearly tuition is over $5,000.

      Kevin Korti was the coordinator for the event and says it gives students more options.

      "The more we can get to fill it out, the more students we can actually get into various post secondary institutions and education programs for whatever options they want to explore after high school," Korti said.

      Anyone who did miss Sunday's session can attend another one being held at Baraga High School on February 22.