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      Filling your Easter basket

      You might remember getting an Easter basket as a kid. They come in all sizes with a variety of different surprises on the inside.

      J Mckinney with Target said baskets used to be very generic, but now there are many do-it yourself options.

      "Making it your own basket so a lot of guests like to come in find the basket of their liking add some grass and then pick their types of candies. There's all different flavors of jelly beans. You have the real flavored jelly beans from coconut to cake all different types of flavors," said McKinney.

      You can customize your basket, fill it with your choice of grass, stuffed animals, eggs, and bagged candies.

      If you're looking for something more unique try a chocolate covered fudge egg that can be customized just for your loved one. Donckers has the customized eggs, and much more.

      You can purchase pre-made baskets or have one customized. If you're looking for something different they have novelty toys for kids.

      They also specialize in freshly made candy.

      "We make candy right here in the store. We have chocolatiers downstairs making candy all day every day. We do our sea salt caramels, we do specialty candy's. We custom do every gift basket. There's baskets already made that we have customized and we can do them on the spot for people walking in the door," said Robinson.

      If you're in need of fast delivery you can order yours online and they will ship it to where you want.