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      Final Teen Tuesday wraps up summer program

      It's an outlet for teens to make new friends. Teen Tuesday is a collaborative effort between United Way of Marquette County and Teaching Family Homes as way to provide healthy fun for teens.

      "It doesn't matter where you are from, where your parents are, or who you are. It's just everyone is equal in a way," said Rachel Peterson.

      So every other Tuesday during the summer they gather at a park in either Ishpeming, Negaunee, Gwinn or Marquette to play games, do crafts, and have snacks. It's also open to the public youth.

      So what it does is give teens with Teaching Family Homes a chance to meet new people.

      "I think our kids grow a lot as they're in the program. They learn reinforcement of positive behavior and correction of negative behavior. I think what they learn is it's a privilege to do things," said Rich Rossway, Teaching Family Homes.

      Some say they enjoy getting to know the staff who volunteer on that day and how they connect with each other. It gets them to open up and build confidence.

      "I've changed because of the program by my anger control; I'm not throwing tantrums all the time. I'm not yelling at staff, swearing," said Tiffany Warner.

      The program is only offered during the summertime, but officials are hoping to find a way to do something similar during the rest of the year.