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      Find a pothole? Report it

      The Michigan Department of Transportation is asking people to report potholes on any I-, US-, or M-routes that may have appeared during the recent thaw.

      According to MDOT, the warmer weather in January brought a bumper crop of potholes across the state. The department is urging motorists to report any potholes that come across by calling the Pothole Hotline at (888) 296-4546.

      "The quicker we know about where potholes are forming, the sooner we can get them patched," said State Transportation Director Kirk T. Steudle. "Patching them won't last but will help get us through until warmer weather returns."

      Potholes appear regularly during freeze/thaw cycles after water penetrates the surface and then refreezes.

      "Extended winters and aging pavements result in more potholes on Michigan roads and increased costs to keeping our roads in good shape," Steudle added.

      When reporting the location of a pothole, MDOT asks that you provide a route name, the county, nearest community and closest cross street. The department asks that potholes on any non-state roads should be reported to local road commissions.

      Where are some of the worst potholes you have experienced? Tell us in the comments below.