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      Finding great deals on winter gear

      Maybe it was your winter goal to learn something new, or maybe youâ??re just a snowboard junky that canâ??t stay away from the slopes.

      Thereâ??s no better time than spring time to make another quick trip to the ski hills, and snag a great deal on some discounted gear.

      â??If you had your eye on something all year, and you just didnâ??t quite pull the trigger on it, if itâ??s here, now is definitely a good price,â?? said Downwind Sports owner, Arni Ronis

      Ronis said his store in Houghton has plenty of odds and ends left in store for the winter gear bargain shopper, but thereâ??s no guarantee theyâ??ll have it available for much longer.

      â??We only have so many boots left, and are we going to have your size? Or ski lengths? That kind of thing,â?? he explained. â??We may have the ski, but we may not have the boot, or vice versa.â??

      Many stores have already begun to display some summer products and expect to have all summer gear for sale in the next couple of weeks.

      â??We already started moving bikes outs, and as soon as I can get to where my storage is for all the kayaks, weâ??ll have those pulled out as well,â?? said Ronis.

      Not only are in-store deals prime this time of year, you could get a great deal on the slopes as well.

      Many slopes have special discounted rates, but many have changed business hours and could be closing soon dependent on how the weather holds up. Most expect theyâ??ll be done for season by the end of April.

      â??Itâ??s definitely worth taking a look, stopping by, and seeing if thereâ??s anything that will work for you, and you might get a great bargain,â?? said Ronis.