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      Finland Calling live from FinnFest

      Despite a dreary morning, people in the Copper Country were still out for FinnFest activities. That included watching a live production of Finland Calling at Michigan Tech's Student Development Center.

      The crowd grew as people watched Carl Pellonpaa host his show, Finland Calling, live from FinnFest USA 2013. Finland Calling is the longest running foreign language TV show in the world. Many people grew up watching it but are finally seeing it live.

      Pellonpaa says the best part is meeting his fans.

      "To have people come and tell me think about it. Fifty-one years. Some of these people were children when they watched the show. They had to watch it because grandma and grandpa insisted. To hear their stories, I mean, man, it was tough to take," said Carl Pellonpaa, host of WLUC-TV6's Finland Calling.

      He had several guests on his show including representatives of FinnFest. Several musicians and bands who performed at different ceremonies were also there, as well as Raimo Salo, who created a documentary about Finnish women working in the front lines during World War II.

      "It's very important to me personally that I can be here telling about these things because Finnish Americans, they don't know about these things," said Raimo Salo.

      This is not the first time Carl hosted his show live; Finland Calling did a live production for Finn Grand Fest in 2005.

      Pellonpaa says this is a great way to keep the Finnish culture alive.

      "Foster that continual tie that it's great to be a Finn, but at the same time, it's great to be an American Finn," Pellonpaa said.

      "I think it's neat. I think it's the nicest that has happened in the entire festival. It's really great! said Fritz Wilson.