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      Finlandia art students display storybook illustrations

      A new gallery exhibit is up at the Finlandia University Reflection Gallery displaying the works of three art and design students on a storybook project. The project, titled, "Start to Finish," exhibits the process of creating an illustrated storybook.

      The three students, Joshua Isaac, Amanda Yoder, and Hailey Macias, had to write, illustrate, publish, and bind their own stories. Gallery attendants say the exhibit shows a side of art that isn't normally seen.

      â??There's sort of the thought process that goes into the creation of the work, so sketches, ideations, writings, as well as mock-ups and tests, as well as the final project,â?? said assistant professor in the Finlandia University International School of Art and Design, Phillip Faulkner. â??So, you don't normally get to see that insight into final exhibitions. You just see the end product, whereas this offers up start to finish, hence, the title, 'Start to Finish.'â??

      The Reflection Gallery is located on the second floor of Finlandia's Jutila Center. The exhibit will be displayed through March 21.