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      Finlandia receives community grant

      The Finlandia University School of Business has been awarded a grant to promote student participation in community affairs.

      The school received $2,400 from the Michigan Campus Compact that required a 50 percent Finlandia match. Teams of students will be assigned to various local organizations to help provide marketing and accounting assistance. Among those is the Copper Country Community Arts Center. Students will be able to get hands-on experience in addition to the classroom.

      "It's part of the mission of the School of Business and it's part of the mission of the university to get them involved in community affairs, so this is a way where we're getting a little bit of funding to help us out and it'll help the community as well," said Dean Terry Monson of the Finlnadia University School of Business.

      The students will be engaged in the program throughout the full academic year.