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      Finlandia students sweep, slide and curl

      The game is called curling, and for the last two years, students from Finlandia University have come together to make up their own curling team. Curling began in Scotland sometime in the 1500s, and today it is an international sport. â??Some people also say itâ??s kind of like chess because the point is whoeverâ??s rock is closest to the button, which is in the middle of the house that looks like a target, gets the point,â?? said curling coach Soren Schmidt The long strip of ice is known as the curling sheet, and the thrower places what is called a slider over their foot to help them gliding over the ice. Although many of the students have not played for very long, their coach says they have been practicing and improving in every game. The team says the best way to play is to plan ahead, and in order for the stones to make their way to the house, you must apply the proper amount of weight. The big circular discs are called stones, and they can weigh up to 45 pounds, and once the thrower releases it, the sweepers use a curling broom. When the sweepers use the broom, their goal is to keep the stone sliding as far as possible in a straight line so the stone does not curl too much or stop before it gets to the target. The students from Finlandiaâ??s Curling Club say even though the game has a competitive nature, there is much more to it than that. â??Having fun, trying a new sport out, meet new people, share experiences and get nice tips for it,â?? said curler George Kallas. The students' curling season was cut short due to a storm that damaged the Copper Country Curling Clubâ??s roof, but last month a new roof was put up and the team is curling once again.