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      Finlandia University adds new degree in Health Sciences

      Finlandia University has added a new degree program to their College of Health Sciences. Students can now earn their associate degree in medical billing and coding.

      The two year program has students taking in-depth classes on anatomy and physiology as well as the required computer classes for billing and coding. Students will graduate with 68 credit hours.

      Due to the Affordable Care Act, electronic medical records are required, making the field in high demand.

      University officials say they are dedicated to preparing students to be readily equipped for the world after school.

      â??We decided to add this essentially because we have most of the curriculum in place already, and because the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that within the next ten years, this is going to be a profession that grows 22 percent. So, there's a lot of need for it,â?? said Dean of the College of Health Sciences, Dr. Cameron Williams.

      The new major will begin this fall semester on campus.