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      Finlandia University graduates Class of 2014

      Hundreds of students graduated from Finlandia University in Hancock on Sunday.

      Graduation is one of the biggest days for a young adult in college. It's the day where most leave the classrooms for good to join the professional workforce.

      Most were no doubt counting down the days to this one from freshman year, but others never saw it coming.

      "I'm super excited. Never thought this day would come. It just came so quickly that... I never thought about this." said new graduate Shigenobu Kakudate.

      People of all ages were in attendance, ranging from proud parents to those still in college showing support for their departing friends.

      "Y'know, when your children are growing up, and you have hopes and dreams for them, and when it comes to realization, and they work hard and they're good on the inside and they live their life to help other people and to serve...It's wonderful, it's a blessing" said parent Ann Venier.

      It's huge, y'know, not everyone graduates from college. It's a big accomplishment and this is a day they're going to remember for the rest of their lives. It's something to hold onto when they get older, and to do it in this community with their people around, it's a special thing" said Finlandia undergraduate Cole Workman.

      While many of the guest speakers at the event spoke of going forward, they also made clear to the graduates that their alma mater would always have their backs.