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      Finlandia University offers new tuition incentives

      Finlandia University has announced two new tuition incentives for its students that will lock-in tuition rates over the course of their schooling and make their eighth semester of school free.

      "Finlandia Four" freezes tuition rate from the time a student is accepted through the length of their program. "Finlandia Future" allows students who remain enrolled for the entirety of their college career to have their eighth semester free. University officials say it's a great benefit to students as it will help them pay off their loans, and will help the university maintain student enrollment.

      "As a university, we're going through a transition to make this the new Finlandia, and in addition to some of the things we're doing with our programming, our facilities, and our expectations, we hope to bring Finlandia to a new level," says Lenny Klaver, V.P. for Advancement at Finlandia University.

      "Finlandia Four" applies to qualified students earning a bachelor's or associate's degree, while "Finlandia Future" applies only to students earning a bachelor's degree.