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      FinnFest attempts to break a Guinness world record

      The attempt to shatter the Guinness world record of the most simultaneous Nordic walkers began Saturday morning with a cheering crowd.

      The exercise, invented in Finland, described as cross country skiing without the skis, currently has a world record of 1,026 Nordic walkers held by Sweden.

      Despite the fact that the record wasnâ??t broken with just over 800 walkers, there was no shortage of high spirits and Sisu prevailed.

      â??It makes us proud,â?? said Betty Laakso from Virginia, Minnesota. â??Proud to have so many Finlanders around to visit with and put our names on the map.â??

      â??It was very interesting,â?? added Bettyâ??s husband, Lauri. â??Iâ??m just amazed at how many people did congregate for this event.â??

      The three kilometer trek began in Hancock and ended across the bridge in Houghton. It was a time for people, both young and old, to not just get a great workout but to meet others and have a good time.

      â??It was great,â?? said Jason Anderson from Brookville, Wisconsin. â??A lot of really friendly people, everyone was very open, coming up and saying, â??Oh, are you from here?â?? or â??Where are you from?â?? So, itâ??s a friendly group.â??

      â??We were just excited to come up here for FinnFest, and as soon as we learned about it, we decided this was a must-do weekend,â?? added Joan Korpi from Butternut, Wisconsin.

      World records aside, coming together for support is what this community does best.

      â??Community is a big deal, and so for me to come out and see hundreds, maybe a thousand people, getting together to go for a healthy walk, set a world record, Iâ??m like, this is what lifeâ??s all about,â?? said season 13 Biggest Loser contestant, Allen â??Buddyâ?? Shuh.