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      FinnFest opening day

      Tervetuloa! Welcome to FinnFest USA 2013!

      The international festival that celebrates all things Finnish has officially kicked off in the Copper Country.

      The tori at Michigan Techâ??s Student Development Complex opened its doors to the public Wednesday afternoon as well as many tours, exhibits, and forums.

      One feature is a helicopter tour of Houghton and Hancock.

      â??FinnFest is a very fun event,â?? said pilot Shawn Reinarz of Lake Superior Helicopters. â??We love coming to Houghton, Hancock to give aerial tours, and we enjoy the location and people very much.â??

      The opening ceremonies at the Rosza Center on Michigan Techâ??s campus brought in a full house of over 1,000 people. There were musical acts, narratives, and welcoming remarks.

      Many visitors say they are looking forward to traveling around and learning more about the areaâ??s Finnish ties.

      â??I just came here to explore and stuff and learn more about my familyâ??s heritage and things like that,â?? said Margaret Hern from Grosse Pointe, Michigan.

      If youâ??d like more information about the FinnFest schedule of events, visit the FinnFest website here.