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      FinnFest tori is the place to meet up

      The tori markets at Michigan Techâ??s Student Development Complex and on the Quincy Green in Hancock are the hotspots for FinnFest visitors.

      From hats to jewelry to specialty woodwork, the tori has something for everyone.

      â??Oh, Iâ??ve had so much fun,â?? said Frank Eld from Roseberry, Idaho. â??I havenâ??t been in here an hour; Iâ??ve been having a ball. All kinds of good stuff. I love FinnFest. I have a lot of fun when I go. Iâ??ve been several times."

      But itâ??s not just a place to shop. There are live music acts playing throughout the day as well.

      â??I wanted to see and hear the beautiful music and all of the great items that are here from Finland,â?? said Maxwell Horn from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

      And itâ??s also the place to make new friends and for old friends to reunite.

      â??You know, itâ??s really about just meeting with people, just chatting with people and being with people,â?? said manager of FinnStyle, Elina Ruppert.

      â??It seems like everyone is excited to be here, and a lot of people seem to know each other, I donâ??t know, from past FinnFests or what it is,â?? added Jonah Caplan from Minneapolis, Minnesota. â??Itâ??s a tightly wound community, and weâ??ve had fun being a part of that.â??

      The tori and FinnFest are true marks of Finnish American culture that show that the Copper Country really is someplace special.

      â??This is a phenomenal FinnFest,â?? Eld said. â??This is the best Iâ??ve been to. They have put tremendous amount of work into this, and Iâ??ve met so many wonderful people here.â??