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      Finnish Folk band goes back to its U.P. roots

      Negaunee enjoyed some Finnish Folk music performed by a touring musical duo on Sunday.

      Kaivama played some of their music at the Vista Theatre. Sara Pajunen of Hibbing, Minn. plays the fiddle and Jonathan Rundman of Ishpeming plays the guitar and harmonium. Since they both come from iron mining towns, their band name, Kaivama, is derived from the Finnish word kaiva, meaning dig or excavate. The freelance musicians now work out of Minneapolis but have come to the U.P. for their second annual U.P. tour.

      For Rundman, the tour is more than just playing music.

      "I love to come back to Ishpeming and visit my mom and dad and my cousins and my aunts and uncles and go out to camp and have a swim in the lake, and, of course, get to play music and invite those people to the show," said Rundman.

      Their U.P. tour continues Monday at the Algomah Acres Honey Farm in Greenland.