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      Fire destroys home, family escapes

      Courtesy: Manny Vigil

      A home in Marquette County lies in ruins, destroyed by fire Saturday morning. The fire in Little Lake started around 6:30 Saturday morning at 1415 Wilson Lake Road.

      â??Everything went so fast, I didnâ??t have time to do anything,â?? said homeowner Manny Vigil.

      Manny's son Jason and their Newfoundland dog named Hugo, were asleep in a bedroom above the garage when the fire started. Vigil talked about what his son had to do. â??He had to break the window, to open it, to get out. Before he was trying to get the Newfoundland out and he had to make a choice, between him or the dog and he left.â?? Jason told his father, he only had seconds before he would have passed out.

      Jason was taken to the hospital to be checked over. Their Newfoundland died in the fire.

      When Forsyth Township firefighters arrived, the house was totally engulfed in flames. The fire started in the front of the house. No cause has been determined. Forsyth Township had help from the Skandia-West Branch and Sands Township Fire Departments and Marquette County Rescue 131.

      The home is fully insured. Vigil says he'll rebuild the home. For now, Vigilâ??s family will be staying with his daughter just down the road in Little Lake.