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      Fire prevention week sticks with students

      Stop, drop, and roll wasn't the only thing eight-year-old Billy Grimes learned during fire prevention week at Ironwood Elementary.

      Last Saturday afternoon, firefighters from the Ironwood Public Safety Department and Ironwood volunteers were called to put out a house fire. Officials say smoke was billowing from the front and back of the home from what appeared to be a grease fire that began in the kitchen.

      Eight-year-old Billy knew something was wrong and immediately called 9-1-1.

      "I was watching T.V. and then I heard something burning. I went in the kitchen and then I saw a fire. I told my Papi and then called 9-1-1," said Billy Grimes.

      Billy said after he called 9-1-1, he gave the phone to his grandfather because he was afraid. His grandfather suffered burns on his shoulder, arm, and face from attempting to put out the fire.

      "Billy did exactly what we ask the children to do: find a responsible adult, tell them, and call 9-1-1," said Public Safety Officer Adam Clemens.

      Billy's mother and sister were not home at the time but rushed back to the house after they learned of the fire.

      "I'm extremely proud of my son. I'm glad he saved his Papi and his puppies and the house and himself, said Barbara Grimes.

      Billy received a doctor check-up, and his mother says he was given a clean bill of health. The entire family is safe and are staying at a hotel for now.

      Fire safety in schools has proven that students are paying attention, especially when a real emergency occurs.