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      Fire training in Sawyer

      Firefighters across Marquette County trained together for fire emergencies Saturday.

      Ten departments across the county participated in mutual aid training, allowing the departments to work together in a simulated emergency. They practiced things like search and rescue, water shuttling, and forcible entry. The firefighters used two vacant buildings in Sawyer that are set to be demolished this summer. The Marquette County Firefighters Association secured the buildings from the Marquette County Land Bank Authority. This is a rare training opportunity for firefighters.

      "If we ever had a major incident in our county, it's nice to know the different departments, what they can supply, what they can do for us. We can all work together to provide the best possible fire suppression for the citizens of the county," said Lee Gould, Chocolay Township Assistant Fire Chief.

      The training used only smoke from a burn barrel. There was no real fire or threat to the buildings.