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      Firefighters tournament in Negaunee

      A collection of fire departments from around Marquette County gathered in Negaunee Saturday after the Pioneer Days Parade for the annual Pioneer Days Firefighters Tournament.

      The fighfighters got into their gear, but there were no fires to be fought here.

      Just a series of friendly competitions to see which team could perform a firefighter's duties the fastest.

      One of the race captains said that not only does the event make for an afternoon of fun, it also shows that a firefighter's job is hardly fun and games.

      "What these races show people is that we're not just, like...There's a lot of training that's needed and its not as easy as it looks. There's definitely some skill and hard work put into what we do." said Ishpeming Fire Department Race Captain Guiseppi Bertucci.

      The event ran until 4 p.m. Turnout was not as large as the parade, but the tournament still managed to draw a few hundred people.