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      Firework Committee setting up for Friday's display

      The Marquette Fireworks Committee was at Mattson Lower Harbor Park bright and early Thursday morning to begin set up for the fireworks display.

      Great Lakes Fireworks and the Army were loading up the barges in Lower Harbor with nearly 1,700 different skyrockets and displays for the Fourth of July show. The Fireworks Committee said they expect about 30,000 people to watch the fireworks this year.

      "Between here and up along the highway, and people in their residences throughout the city will be watching them, hearing them; you're gonna hear them," says Jerry Irby of the Fireworks Committee. "When a 12- inch boomer goes up in the air and that thing goes off it gets your attention."

      The fireworks will begin at about 10:30 p.m. Friday night and will be simulcast on the radio on 100.3 The Point.