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      Fireworks faux pas

      The decision to hold Marquette's 4th of July fireworks as scheduled led to some controversy.

      With heavy rain and thunderstorms approaching Marquette County in the evening hours Wednesday, officials were tasked with making the decision to postpone the show or proceed as scheduled.

      Marquette held the fireworks as planned while other communities like Munising, Iron Mountain and Ishpeming decided to hold their fireworks shows the Thursday night.

      "My concern was with the second storm coming, if we did not shoot these ordinances they would end up in Lake Superior and the second storm was heavy enough to do that and so our decision was correct in firing these ordinances earlier," said Vice President of the 4th of July Committee Jorma Lankinen.

      The city of Marquette designates the City Fire Marshal to consider factors like safety and wind before going forward.

      "When we look at whether or not to give approval to launch fireworks it's not based off of lightning, its based off of fire conditions. If there was say a heavy south prevailing wind that would blow fireworks into neighborhoods or onto people that's what we consider with that decision," said Marquette Mayor John Kivela. "I guess we'd hoped that they could've been delayed, unfortunately the weather got in the way."

      Many Facebook users expressed their disappointment in the decision, they felt it would have been safer to hold the fireworks Thursday night. Those who did see the fireworks, said they enjoyed the show.