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      First Michigan Veterans Expo concludes in Marquette

      The first-ever Michigan Veterans Expo wrapped up Saturday in Marquette at NMU's Superior Dome after beginning on Friday.

      The event is a one-stop shop for veterans seeking more information and opportunities when it comes to such topics as education, employment and quality of life.

      Event participants said the goal is for veterans to form networks and learn information they didn't have access to before.

      "We're just basically trying to create a veterans network across the Upper Peninsula...connecting veterans with each other. And to disseminate information that veterans would be interested in." said event presenter and veteran Frank Lombard.

      "I really just wanted to find out what all they had to offer, and I was really excited to find a lot of information. I thank the city and whoever put it on for doing so." said Vietnam veteran John Robb.

      Based on the Expo's success, another one is being planned for next year.

      For more information about the Expo and other resources for Michigan veterans, click here.