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      First snow for Central American visitors

      A group of Central American students are enjoying their first encounter with snow.

      The group of roughly 24 kids in the Essential American Youth Ambassador Program is spending a week here in the Marquette area. It??s a program funded by the state department. They're visiting from Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic.

      While some of them have experienced winter, snow fall was a first.

      Yaibath Ebarra, 16, from Panama admitted the weather is "a little bit cold" but said she liked it.

      "I??m having fun," added Ebarra.

      Jasmin Saquil, 17, from Guatemala said the climate is similar to where she??s from, but she has "never seen snow." "I like it," stated Saquil.

      The group took turns snowshoeing in Al Quaal Recreation Area in Ishpeming. Students also tried ice fishing and learned about hunting.