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      Fishermen drop their baits for a big catch

      Around 150 fishermen dropped their baits Saturday in hopes of catching a big prize.

      It's all part of the 33rd annual Ice Fishing Derby in Big Bay hosted by the 550 Snowmobile Club. The two-day event holds team and individual competitions. So far, pike, perch and walleye of all sizes have been weighed in. Cash prizes will be handed out at their award ceremony Sunday.

      The event has evolved over the years, organizers said.

      "It's gone down a little bit, but there's a lot of other things going on on the weekends now, and it's probably gone down quite a bit since 20 years ago, but we still have a good time. It's more family oriented now; it's a little quieter," said Joe Cram, president of the club.

      There's still plenty of time to compete. Those interested should visit Perkins Park Sunday morning.