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      Fishing derby looks for biggest catch

      Hundreds of people were drawn to the Michigamme River Saturday morning for Republic's annual Fishing Derby.

      For 22 years, the community of Republic has participated in the Fishing Derby at the Michigamme River. The Republic Sportsman's Club derby brought out 327 adults as they competed for the biggest catch. C ash prizes were available for the adults, and each kid who participated was given a prize.

      The derby also brings a lot of money into the community.

      "This is one of the main events in Republic right now," said Michael Tasson of the Republic Sportsman's Club. "As you see, all the trailers and everything, all of your businesses really helps them out a lot; the business people. It's basically for the community right in here."

      The club donates the money raised to the local fire department as well as community-oriented projects.