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      Fishing license fees increase, Lt. Gov. Calley weighs in

      Lieutenant Governor Calley has been visiting parts of the Upper Peninsula. Tuesday, he is touring the Ironwood area.

      While in the U.P., Calley talked about the estimated $49.5 billion state budget that goes into effect October 1. The spending plan includes five more school days totaling at least 175 days of instruction for all school districts.

      The plan also includes an increase to the hunting and fishing license fees. It is expected to generate $20 million in revenue.

      The state currently has 227 different license fees, but that number will decrease significantly to around 31.

      "The overall economy of Michigan, because of our natural resources, be they water or hunting or the winter sports, all of that requires an amount of support that comes from the users. We want to have top notch services available in our state," said Calley.

      Calley also talked about the state privatizating prison food and tuition hikes for college students.