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      Fitness and nutrition go hand in hand

      Skipping out on breads, avoiding fructose, and eating a lot of protein. These are some personal nutrition rules for Mark Olver, a professional hockey player for the Colorado Avalanche.

      And Olver also adheres to a strict summer workout routine, five days a week, under the instruction of Advantedge training in Marquette.

      "It helps out a lot. There's a lot of things that go into it. It's all mental, a lot of it's mental. Getting your body and getting your head straight," said Olver.

      With his nutrition plan and workout routines in place, Olver says his performance in his career has greatly improved.

      And his trainer agrees.

      "His body weight went up six to ten pounds, so he came in around 180. He's about 190-193 right now. So it fluctuates, but his body mass went up, his vertical power went up, and his strength increased sixty pounds. So we can't be any happier than that with our training," said Dustin Brancheau, Director of Sports Training at Advantedge.

      Brancheau says personal trainers are there to help guide you and push you through your workouts. Customized plans can be created, based on your current level of fitness and where you would like to be.

      One of the things Mark says he loves most about coming to Advantedge, is the fact that training changes everyday.

      "Monday it's legs, Tuesday it's upper body, Thursday it's dynamics, and Friday it's usually some sort of cardio exercise. So it's always different," Olver said.

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